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i hate those dollz - they all look like whores...

good job with all the icons though - i just don't get the dollz fascination.

#12 is the best

I just think they're cute and how they have all the diff stereotypes for them:))

Plus the toilet one was priceless:D
yes -t he toilet one is cute
i love them theyre cute!!!!!!! i love 7 and 11, but...i was wondering how come there are no black dolls...? :(
Uh 15 and 18 are supposedly 'black'. Well according to the doll site anyway lol
And made especially for you:::

o wow thanks. u didnt hafto but i like them anyway :) lol i was jus wondering...... cant you make the rainbow one black? #7 i mean
No I can't, SORRY:(

I use them the way they come, I can't alter them :(

There arent any at the site I got them off of either.
Image hosted by

too dark?